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How to call knight? January 6, 2011

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Language Word Meaning
Turkish at horse
English knight knight
French cavalier Rider, horserider
Czech jezdec rider
Rumanian cal horse
Italian cavallo Horse, horsepower
Spanish caballo horse
Portuguese cavalo horse
German springer Horse, jumper
Danish springer jumper
Dutch paard Horse
Norwegian ridder knight
Irish ridire Knight, cavalier
Icelandic riddari knight
Hungarian huszár hussar
Bulgarian кон
kon kon
Greek ίππος
Polish skoczek jumper
Swedish Springare, häst horse


In the Middle Ages, knights were the military men in armours (special iron clothes) and fought for the king and the country. Knights had to follow some rules:

Parents Tournament January 4, 2011

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On December 23 the Parents Tournament was held at our school. We had less participants than expected so we must do our best to make chess more common in our hometown. The winner is Yalçın Özdemir and here are some pictures of the tournament.





Happy New Year December 29, 2010

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Happy New Year( Mutlu Yıllar in Turkish)

We wish you to have a new year full of happiness, health and success.

Best Wishes from Nevşehir.              

About our Hometown November 27, 2010

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Hi Everyone,

Greetings from Nevşehir. Last Friday, we had a sightseeing tour around our hometown and took some photos and recorded videos in order to show the natural beauties. Here are some of the pictures. Following ones are to be shared later on.

Bye for now.

our group photo in front of the school November 5, 2010

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Hi everyone, we are really happy to make friends with you. Bye