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How to call KING? December 11, 2010

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Our children think it´s the same in all languages: sovereign – monarch.


Albanian        – mbret
English             – king
Armenian       – թագավոր (t´agavor)
Belarusian      - цар  (car)
Bulgarian       - цар   (tsar)
Danish          - konge
Estonian       – kuningas
Finnish         - kuningas
French         - roi
Dutch          - koning
Croatian       - kralj
Irish            – rí
Italian         - re
Lithuanian    - karalius
Latvian        - karalis
Hungarian    - király
Macedonian  - цар  (car)
Malta          - king
German        - könig
Norwegian    - kongen
Polish          - król
Portuguese   – rei
Romanian     - rege
Russian       - царь   (tsar)
Greek         - βασιλιάς  (vasiliás)
Slovak       – kráľ
Slovenian    – kralj
Serbian       – краљ  (kralj)
Spanish      - rey
Swedish      – kung
Turkish       – kral
Ukrainian   - цар  (tsar)

King‘s royal rank (wrong title), in monarchies it is the second highest rank after the Emperor. The king’s rule, mostly independent sovereign nation state exists (existed), a few exceptions in countries such as the Holy Roman Empire, German Empire and Uganda.

Kings (and queen) for the call (title) Majesty, other members of the royal family then Royal Highness .

For example:

Louis XIV, king of France and Navarre (Painting by Hyacinthe Rigaud, 1701).

Karel IV.
(Charles IV), Also Holy Roman Emperor. In fact, the first Bohemian king with this name

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The King November 12, 2010

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Click on the different kings!

The yellow memory game October 19, 2010

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