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Spot the lies! January 8, 2011

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Hello, dear Czech partners! Here are eight portraits we wrote for you. What you have to do for each portrait is to guess who it is, find the mistake in it and correct it.

Portrait n°1

He is eleven years old.He has got one sister,she is sixteen years old. He doesn’t like bananas but he likes cookies and his favourite colour is  black. He can play football. He has got straight brown hair,  a round face and  brown eyes.

by Paul,Thomas, Dylan and Quentin

Portrait n°2

He’s twelve years old. He’s got blue eyes and short straight dark hair. He likes meat but he doesn’t like pizza. His favourite colour is black. He’s got a lot of fish and one little brother.

by Alice, Erwan, Gabin and Mohamed

Portait n°3

She’s ten. She’s got one little brother. She’s from Restoky. She’s got a cat. She loves hamburgers, her favourite colour is yellow and her favourite season is winter. She’s got square eyes, long straight brown hair and an oval face.

by Marion, Coralie, Mathieu and Antonin.

Portrait n°4

She’s got one brother and one mouse. She hasn’t got a sister. She likes purple, pizza and summer. She’s ten years old. She can sing and dance. She’s got long blond hair, brown eyes and an oval face.

by Alexandrine and Aurélie.

Portrait n°5

He is thirteen. He’s got a little sister. He’s got blue eyes and an oval face. He can draw. He likes chess, red and pizza. He loves what his mum cooks.

by Nicolas, Léo C. and Léo L.

Portrait n°6

He is eleven. He has got one brother and one dog. His favourite colour is blue. He loves winter and he likes hamburgers and coke. He’s got blue eyes, short blond hair and an oval face.

by Kévin, Christophe and Gilles.

Portrait n°7

He’s got short dark hair and a round face. He likes spaghetti. His favourite colours are black and orange. His favourite sport is football. He has got a dog and three or four brothers. He lives in France. He is ten years old.

by Justine B., Justine R., Océane C. and Salomé.

Portrait n° 8

He’s twelve. He’ s got one sister and one brother. He has got a dog, He likes apples,yellow, football and summer. He can ride a bike but he can’t surf. He’s got an oval face, short brown hair and green eyes.

by Naïma, Alicia, Océane G. and Alison.

We are all looking forward to reading your answers! Ms Bee